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PC Solid Sheet

PC Solid Sheet PC 07

  • Product Type:PC Solid Sheet
  • Place of origin:China
  • Model :PC 07

PC Solid Sheet (also known as PC Sheet, polycarbonate sheet, solid sheet, bullet-proof glass, Kabu Long board, solid board, polycarbonate panels, aviation perspective board) is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or polycarbonate - --- acid resin processing.

PC Solid Sheet Specifications:



Length and thickness can be custom-made

Colors:blue,ivory,transparency,misty(transparency,gray),green,verdure, etc


Impact-resistant, unbreakable: PC Solid Sheet strength than glass, acrylic hundreds of times, tough safety, security, bulletproof best.

Can be arched, flexible: PC Solid Sheet excellent workability, plasticity, and to live according to the actual needs of the site, bent into arches, semi-circular and other patterns.

Light weight, easy handling: PC Solid Sheet and glass only half the weight, handling time-saving installation, construction management easy and convenient.

Weather resistance, excellent lighting: PC Solid Sheet long-term UV exposure, lighting effects Premium, can save a lot of overhead section of the source. Super clear, super-insulation: its almost transparent, like glass, but also has the nature of self-destruction firefighting, fire prevention materials for the best light.

Low temperature "-40 degree", temperature "125 degree"

PC Sheet is not acid, not alkaline. UV coating to increase the job

Main purposes:

PC Solid Sheet for gardens, entertainment venues strange decoration and rest place of the Gallery Pavilion;

Also applies to commercial buildings inside and outside decoration, modern buildings of the city wall;

Also applies to aviation transparent container, motorcycle windshield, aircraft, trains, ships, cars, boats, submarines and police glass shield;

PC Solid Sheet telephone booths, advertising signs, advertising light box, display the layout of the exhibition;

Also applies to instruments, meters, low voltage switch cabinet panels and military industries;

Also applies to the wall, roof, screens and other high-grade indoor decoration materials;

PC Solid Sheet for highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;

Also applies to agriculture, greenhouse and breeding shed;

Also applies to modern eco-restaurant roof;

Also applies to all units within the district or bicycle shed, shade canopy and roof terrace pavilion rest shed;

PC Solid Sheet for office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment center and ceiling lighting and other utilities.

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