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PC Solid Sheet

PC embossed sheet PC 07

  • Product Type:PC Solid Sheet
  • Place of origin:China
  • Model : PC 07

pc embossed sheet


PC embossed sheet Specifications:

Thickness: 2mm-12mm

Maximum width: 2,100mm

Length: any dimension

Styles: diamond, drip-drop, lichee, crystal.

Colors: clear, blue, green, opal, brown, grey, etc.

PC embossed sheet features:

1) max width: 2,100mm

2) length: no limited

3) lightweight: about 1/2 of the same thickness of glass

4) light transmission: reaches 12%~ 82% depending upon colour and thickness

5) ageing resistance: offers 10 years warrant

6) impact resistance: 200 times as much as plexiglass

7) sound insulation:offer signficant advantage to the sound insulation

8) weather ability: PC embossed sheet can maintain excellent properties in a wide temperature range from -40oC~120oC

PC embossed sheet applications:

1) solid sheet is used for public building ,industrial workshop and civil building as daylighting or rain and sun canopy

2) in commercial building as interior and exterior decoration

3) in modern railway station,aviation,port waiting-hall and passage as roof

4) in garden,greenhouse, cultivation and breeding center

5) in pavilion, corridor and rest area of garden and amusement park

6) in roadside advertisement,and exhibition

7) in sound-insulating wall of expressway and city overhead road

8) Moreover, PC embossed sheet can be used in indoor partitioning or screen decoration


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