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PC Solid Sheet PC 07

  • Product Type:PC Solid Sheet
  • Place of origin:China
  • Model :PC 07

PC Solid Sheet currently on the market size vary, but undoubtedly the most widely used 2.1-meter-wide PC sheet. PC Solid Sheet specifications can be customized, there is a need of special specifications can also be cutting themselves. 2.1 PC Solid Sheet width regardless of the application in the construction industry or in industrial applications have been approved. PC sheet has been used in many industries in China is very successful, greatly improved compared to traditional materials, lighting and water effects.

PC Solid Sheet  construction specifications:

1, the computation of the actual installation of radius

Different thickness of the PC Solid Sheet bend to allow the minimum bend radius of the different, specific minimum bend radius can be described with reference to the company's products.

In the actual installation process, the bending radius is calculated as follows: arch height is h, the span of a, then the actual plate bending radius: R = (0.25a2 + h2) / 2h

2, before installation, to protect the membrane along the edge of the lift, leaving layering, and make direct contact pressure of the plate, until the installation is complete, the protective film completely removed, not to the plate with a protective film installed, then press edges cut open along the protective film, because it is easy to leave scratches on the plate, plate cracking along the scratch.

3, careful not to contact with solvents and corrosive chemicals, to prevent the destruction of the plate.

4, PC Solid Sheet  transport process to pay attention to protect the plate, be careful not to cut through the protective film, damage to the plate.

5, PVC seal will corrode the plate. Install polycarbonate panels, you must select for polycarbonate plastic sealant cream and pad, do not use PVC seals and gaskets. Exposure to alkaline substances taboo board and aggressive organic solvents, such as alkali, amines, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde-propanol and so on.

6, please use the dedicated PC sheet sealants, other types of sealant may cause corrosion of sheet, plate so brittle, easily broken.

7, PC Solid Sheet  can be bent is bent at a smooth arc can not be bent into any shape.

8, use a neutral detergent or non-aggressive detergent scrub water to avoid surface scratches.

PC Solid Sheet  Applications:

Widely used in industrial and civil. Broad application, especially road building lighting, indoor and outdoor decoration, sports venues, the city noise barriers. For advertising light boxes, signs, garden greenhouse, greenhouse agriculture, and recreational facilities.

We can also come from the solid sheet feature more specific about it:

First, PC solid sheet impact resistance, impact resistance, and is unbreakable, but in fact this point, we can name from the polycarbonate panels can understand. Its strength is amazing, is the glass a few times, in security, bulletproof broad field of applications. After installation, very solid and safe.

Second, the good performance of the remodeling process, PC Solid Sheet can not only bend, but also arched, and even depending on the construction and installation needs to be solid sheet bent into a semi-circular, semi-arched, and so on.

Third, lighting and weather resistance are more prominent, PC is not only very transparent polycarbonate panels, or insulation, and can be UV, its performance is almost transparent and the glass is the same, also has the characteristics of fire extinction, it is very good fire lighting materials.

Fourth, PC Solid Sheet temperature effect. It is not only low temperature, up to minus 40 degrees Celsius, but also high temperature, up to 125 degrees Celsius

Fifth, PC Solid Sheet of material lighter, less than half the weight of glass only, convenient transportation, and construction and installation and management.

PC Solid Sheet Specifications:
Length and thickness can be custom-made
Colors:blue,ivory,transparency,misty(transparency,gray),green,verdure, etc

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