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PC Solid Sheet

PC embossed sheet PC 08

  • Product Type:PC Solid Sheet
  • Place of origin:China
  • Model :PC 08

pc embossed sheet


SIKO PC Embossed Sheet is made of gather of the carbonic acid ester, it has good performance to able to bear the creep, and it still has very high resisting and assaulting the intensity under the low temperature. Rigidity keeps strength within the range of bigger temperature. PC Sheet is widely used in the construction, advertisement, decoration, traffic etc.

PC Embossed Sheet Specifications:




Color:Clear,Blue,Green,Brown,Opalescent,Clear embossed

PC Embossed Sheet Features:

1. Excellent physical, mechanical performance.

2. Good electrical, heat and sound insulation.

3. Good impact resistance and high tenacity.

4. Good light transmission performance.

5. Good temperature resistance.

6. Fire retardation.

7. Non-toxic.

8. UV protection.

9. Bear aging.

PC Embossed Sheet Applications:

1. Excellent roofing materials, solid sheet is widely used for dormer windows, skylights, extended porches and greenhouses, commercial spaces in hotels, coffee shops, boutiques and beauty parlor, exhibition center and telephone booth.

2. Sound insulation wall for freeways, high-speed railway.

3. Sign boards for advertisement.

4. Decoration lighting in banks, hospitals, airports, bus, railway stations and kindergartens.

5. Non-toxic, keeping in touch with the food.

6. Substitution of the ordinary glass in many places.


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