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Polycarbonate PC Sheet and greenhouse commonly used cover material quality analysis

Polycarbonate PC Sheet and greenhouse commonly used cover material quality analysis
The main purpose of the greenhouse structure is fixed cover material. Therefore, cover material and its characteristics are the most important greenhouse in the whole building one of the components. The ideal cover material should be pervious to light amount is large, can stop the loss of heat, the strong and durable, easy to install and cheap prices as much as possible.
Glass-advantages: excellent light transmittance--about 90%; With excellent thermal resistance and the ultraviolet ability, wear-resisting; Heat bilges cold shrink coefficient is low; Materials is convenient. Its defect is: impact resistance performance low (toughened glass exception); High prices (material + seal); A big weight; Easy to be broken, and not easy to clean up after a breakdown.
Polyethylene (P.E.) BoMo-in moderate climate country, polyethylene is the most common greenhouse cover material. Its universal application reasons, first is the price is low; Second, it can be used for a lot of simple structure greenhouse. The life is very short film P.E., according to its began to cover the time of tents, about to maintain the seven to nine months. The biggest drawback is P.E. film, when there is wind blowing, PE film not easily fixed, the shop is on the roof of the lack of a reliable safety. Multi-layer weave of polyethylene film made this material is hard to P.E., and unlike normal P.E. film that good tensile samples. But on the other hand, it can be hard enough against strong winds, even slightly beat. The breadth of the production of materials for 2 meters, therefore, in order to meet the need of the roof for width, it must be welding. Usually this material with the period for 3 years.
Enhanced PVC film-as a kind of basic materials of polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C), it has and glass and other good material similar good characteristics of ordinary clean P.V.C film about 85% of light transmittance, but inflation and installation for performance, the performance is poor. It is for this reason, in the warm climate change in film relaxation, such as the wind blows may be bad.
Hard plastic cover glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) board--have use for many years. Especially in the United States, on the market have different kinds of products and different use fixed number of year guarantee. With special protection layer board, service life can be even for 20 years, but the price is also high. FRP board in the new time light transmittance and glass is very close. But with a few years later, start from polyester fiber, euphotic rate drop, boards have also started to yellow.
P.V.C. board--and the past waveform used to cover the hard plastic greenhouse in one. The biggest problem is, high temperature resistant performance is poor.
Sunshine board--is the application of polycarbonate plastic one of the most advanced polymer. The polycarbonate combined with various properties of characteristics: strength, light transmittance, elastic, light weight, transparent, and temperature range wide, etc. Board manufacturing is the improved co-extruding molding technology, it can be combined with uv protection layer to the product. The cover not peeling, constant wrinkle, not crack or wear. The board at high temperature can keep its light transmittance. The visible light transmittance of 89%; Can completely blocks the passage of harmful ultraviolet radiation; Far infrared absorption rate to have high; Light weight; So easy to install. Hail to the guarantee of a separate harm. With 10 years of quality guarantee;


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