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The partition of polycarbonate PC board application

The polycarbonate PC board is a kind of new building materials, meet the interior architecture partition of the earthquake, fire prevention, needed to resist lateral hit, different air pressure requirements. Its beautiful degree and durability than most of the partition wall body. PC board partition wall of the main structure consists of two kinds of metal materials and other polymer plate of composition, use stainless steel and aluminum as partition wall's main frame, using the sun as the main body of the metope board. The cost is low.
In order to meet more and more high building construction and the needs of the construction of construction, national ministry of construction in early years ago began to advocate popularization of lightweight finished product partition wall (like the sunshine board, endurance board, this light of environmental protection and PPC built plank). As China decoration industry internationalize, using sunlight board and endurance board partition wall will be the Chinese decoration market development trend of wall materials.
PC board partition wall main features:
PC board is through the ultraviolet UV layer and the main ingredient polycarbonate co-extrusion production process and become, so as to ensure the stability of the product against ultraviolet radiation. It prevent sunlight for aging decomposition and board fade and light transmittance decline, this product service life to 10 years of above.
PC board in room temperature ability all kinds of organic acid, inorganic acid, its, vegetable oil, ZhongXingYan solution, aliphatic hydrocarbon and alcohol corrosion. Sunshine board thermal expansion coefficient of 7.0 x 10-5 M/MCo, sunshine plate heat transfer coefficient when the double 2.3 3.9 W/M2Co.
PC board with uv protection layer, the hollow structure in the thickness of the same conditions, the sun than common glass plate energy saving, and it can effectively reduce the energy consumption of building. In addition, special hollow structure, can effectively reduce the noise, and a good sound insulation effect.
PC board in-40 ℃-+ 120 ℃ scope, can long time to keep good resistance performance. Its resistance to impact strength is organic glass 10-27 times, is common glass 20 to 40 times.
PC board during transportation, installation and use process not broken, more do not happen like the brittle fracture of the glass. It can avoid damage to people or things, for security great security. Sunshine board have very good fire performance, strong in the flame burning, polycarbonate melt, but won't aggravate the spread of fire, meet the domestic fire performance levels of GB8624-2006-B level. These advantages, especially in the factory with fire prevention, sound insulation, stability requiring high place especially for coefficient.


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