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Greenhouse lighting solutions

The board is product of greenhouse special honesty designed for ecological greenhouse research and development production has special against drops of fog, uv function and high quality products, the products have double, three, multi-layer structure, meet different environment of greenhouse construction demand to be able to provide good in greenhouse crop growth environment, and can be used for ten years.
Polycarbonate PC Sheet and other greenhouse polycarbonate covering material, it is characterized by good daylighting, and keep warm, light, the intensity is high, the condensation prevention, impact resistance, flame retardant, economic durable, and many other advantages, the board to the sun has uv coating, anti-aging properties for 10 years. So the material covered by the greenhouse, long service life, the appearance is beautiful and beautiful, heat preservation effect is good, can save a winter heating energy consumption. The heat preservation and heat insulation effect and the single glass can be compared to the energy 50% of every square metre can save fuel consumption 23.5 liters. Greatly reduces the winter operating costs.
Polycarbonate PC Sheet greenhouse mainly divided into the spire type in greenhouse, round even arched even in greenhouse two kinds big.
Polycarbonate PC Sheet type spire even design can be chosen span in greenhouse in 8 meters-16 meters between, bay is 8 meters, design and installation of more convenient and easy to open the window. The roof of slope angles can according to practical local climate, environment appropriate changes. If in the beautiful consideration and building of coordination, roof can design into two/cross, 3 / cross, four/cross or single roof "big roofing greenhouse.
Round arch type Polycarbonate PC Sheet even design can be chosen span in greenhouse in 8-12 meters between, bay is 8 meters. The characteristics of its own makes round arch type of snow load distribution greenhouse is more even, beautiful shapes. In addition daylighting also more uniform, to avoid the spire greenhouse in some special situations that causes too much light energy loss of reflected light. Round arch type of greenhouse round arches according to the number of general will span different design into two round arch/cross, 3 round arch/cross or 4 round arch/cross, asking for special span for reasonable design of greenhouse.
Polycarbonate PC Sheet greenhouse can realize automatic control, and equipment such as heating system (heat fan heating or plumbing heating), shading screen system, micro fog or ShuiLian cooling system, CO2 added system, filling light system and sprinkler irrigation and fertilization, drip systems, computer integrated control system, the top spraying system, such as the combination, able to provide users with the ideal plant environment.
Polycarbonate PC Sheet greenhouse can be used as for flower production greenhouse, the vegetables and fruit trees planted the dwarf, also can be used as nursery type of flowers, vegetables and greenhouse seedling of trees.

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