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Why PVC foam board with a nonflammable nature?

PVC foam board has gradually become one of the construction industry panel, PVC sheet can be widely used in building materials industry, there are two very important reasons: one is the unique properties of PVC (waterproof, fire-resistant, anti-static, easy molding), second, PVC low input and high output characteristics. We find that the PVC sheet with fire-resistant, flame retardant, fire performance, why PVC foam board with a nonflammable nature?

PVC foam board with fire resistance properties and PVC thermal performance, environmental performance, electrical and mechanical properties have a close relationship.

1. thermal properties: very poor thermal stability of PVC foam sheet, 140 ° c that starts to break down, melt temperature of 160 degrees centigrade. PVC linear expansion coefficient smaller, has a fire resistance properties, oxidation index as high as 45.

2. electrical properties: PVC foam board is a better electrical properties of polymers, but larger because of their polarity, electro-insulating properties than PP and PE. Dielectric constant, dielectric loss angle tangent value and volume resistivity large bad Corona resistance, suitable for low-voltage and low-frequency insulation materials.

3. environmental performance: PVC foam board is resistant to most mineral acids, alkali, salts, and most organic solvents. Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical corrosion-resistant materials.

4. mechanical properties: a higher degree of hardness and mechanical properties of PVC. And with the increase of molecular weight and improve, but with the increase in temperature drop. Good mechanical properties of rigid PVC, its modulus of elasticity can be up to 1500-3000MPa. Soft PVC Flex 1.5-15 MPa. Breaking elongation rate of 200% per cent. PVC of friction, static friction coefficient of 0.4-0.5, dynamic friction coefficient of 0.23.

These four properties determine the mass have flame retardant properties of PVC foam board plate, put out fires, safe to use, PVC foam board with such characteristics, PVC sheets are used in some high-temperature occasions.



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