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Free PVC wallpaper would cause pollution from misunderstanding

Today, PVC foam board is already a widespread use of the sheet, it is a typical example of environmentally friendly materials, truly reflect the Green environmental protection performance. But there is still a lot of people think PVC will not green, you would have a misunderstanding on PVC-related material, so many people have doubts about the properties of PVC wallpaper, in fact polluting hazardous substances is not PVC, but from the wallpaper production of raw materials.

1. formaldehyde in the original paper from wallpaper

Wallpaper is environmentally friendly, does not depend on a plain paper or coated with PVC wallpaper, but the paper itself. Now that many companies have imported natural plant fibers in paper or paper, there will be no pollution.

2. heavy metal, from printing pigments. Water-based or oil, referring to paint diluted with solvents. Waterborne paints use water as a diluent, volatile production process is water, the factory without any impact on the environment. Oil paint using acetic acid ethyl ester as diluting agents, the production process of ethyl acetate is volatile, such as emptying it directly, the factory over the air and environmental pollution, most factories adopt recovery unit. Therefore, environmental printing ink, does not depend on the thinner water based or oil, but the pigment itself. Excessive heavy metals such as lead, damage to the nerves of the human body, internal organs, skin, particularly significant impact on children.

3.vinyl chloride monomer, PVC coating material from wallpaper. PVC foam board is a polymer. Under normal environmental conditions, has been "effect does not appear to even the slightest harm". Only in high temperature when the fire broke out, decomposition free chlorine, such as excessive, you will make people suffocated. In real life, there are a lot of products are PVC as raw material, so long as the content is reasonable, not to worry about whether it is toxic.



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