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Export problems of PVC products

Currently, China is a developing country, labour is abundant, has low cost of production and a good market prospects, and compared to other developing countries. However, in China, the per capita gross domestic product is more than $ 2000. At the same time, China already has advanced technology and a strong industrial base. In addition, the Chinese are smart, diligent, studious, as the policy of opening up, have sprung up in the PVC industry developed rapidly.
From internationalization to analysis, there are more and more foreign companies to invest in factories and offices in mainland China. Secondly, as the production cost increases gradually in the developed world is also selected in the Chinese market. As technology improved rapidly in China, reasonable prices, low cost, more and more industrial countries to buy lots of molding product in China. Due to some poor developing countries with weak industrial base technology, PVC molding, number they produce far more than sufficient to meet the needs of the international market. Therefore, PVC molding product demand exceeds supply, the State had to import PVC moulding products to meet its domestic needs. While inclining many countries from other developed countries to purchase high-quality molding, mold prices are more competitive in China, in China the market share a great deal of weight. Therefore, on the international market in China has made an important contribution.


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