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What is PC Hollow Sheet and its main use where?

PC Hollow Sheet (also called a hollow across the Board, wantong panels, corrugated panels, double-wall plates), is a light weight (hollow structure), drug-free, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, rich colors of new material than cardboard structure, insulating plate with a moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and other advantages. Compared to injection molding products, hollow slab with vibration, flexible designed structure, does not need to open plastic injection mold and other advantages. At the same time, the sheet can be added through the flexible control of raw materials of antistatic, conductive material, produced with function of conductive and anti-electrostatic plastic hollow Panel, surface resistivity of antistatic sheet can be controlled between 106~1011. Surface resistivity of conductive plates can be controlled between 103~105.

PC Hollow Sheet's main purpose is reflected in the following aspects:
1. PC Hollow Sheet, main place of corrugated cardboard, wood, metal plates, ideal for environmentally friendly materials;
2. rotating box, parts and crates, food crates, beverage crates, pesticide packaging, packaging of precision instruments, electronic components packing pad, shelves and storage crates for transport;
3, industrial plates, items items packaging protection pads, racks, shelves, baseboard, crossover, etc;
4, electronics packaging. Conductive packaging products primarily used on the packaging of electronic parts, the goal is to avoid other charge items with contacts, part due to charges generated friction sparks caused damage. There is also conductive, anti-static plastic plates, plastic box;
5. advertising and decorating: notice boards, logos, billboards, light boxes, window styling;
6. Home: the temporary partition of the House, wall shield, ceiling panels, cover of the container;
7. other, used for washing machines, cars, water heater, carriage back, packaging storage transportation pads.

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